Its not just about the money when it comes to helping our children in need

June 8, 2018 0 Comments

All the money in the world, funneled through the hands of government, wont fix the problems that plague children in Central Florida. When more government money is the only answer, you can be sure that nobody really knows what the real problems are or how to actually fix them. Unfortunately that is where the debate on helping children in our community has squarely landed: Give more money to government, and magically all the needs of our children will vanish.

The debate about how best to help children has been thrashed around for years. But in the past few weeks, the particulars have been sharpened by community leader Dick Batchelor and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. Lets not lose sight of what this debate should be about:

Batchelor believes that a Childrens Trust, a citizen-led organization equipped with newly created resources, is desperately needed.

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